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These policies are set in place to make working together smooth, and letting us focus on learning singing!


When you purchase a Single Lesson, Lesson Packet or start a Monthly Contract with me, you are indicating your acceptance of these terms and conditions. Not reading this document doesn’t constitute an acceptable reason for not complying.





The lessons are generally scheduled back to back, so in case of your late arrival, I usually won't be able to provide extra time after the lesson's planned ending time.


I also value the students' time highly so I usually won't be able to let you in before I have finished the lesson with the previous student. So a bit of patience, and I'll be at the door as soon as I can!





I invest passionately significant energy, effort and time to giving great voice instruction while maintaining a consistent, predictable income, and therefore I must offer a limited cancellation policy.


Once you've booked a lesson, the time slot is reserved for you. It is possible to cancel and / or reschedule a booked lesson 24h in advance by sending a WhatsApp message/SMS/email to the teacher.  Lessons cancelled/rescheduled later than 24h before the lesson will be charged 100%, and considered given. It is, however, possible to transfer the original lesson to a friend or a relative. The teacher is happy for a forward notice in case of such rearrangement.

Please don't show up at the lesson ill. Spending the lesson time with a coughing and sneezing student almost guarantees, that the teacher will become unwell, and have to cancel the lessons in the following days. For this reason, the teacher reserves the right to refuse not to teach any student who comes to the lesson contagiously ill, and that lesson will be charged 100%.


If I need to cancel the lesson, I will reschedule a make-up lesson in a reasonable time frame.





Thank you for making yourself aware of the policies and helping me to ensure a smooth learning experience. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me!


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